Ready. . . Set. . .


We are one step closer to beginning our homeschooling experience, and I am beyond excited. Not only will this be a big change for our son and his continued learning,  but it will be a time of transition for all of us as a family.

This choice should allow us a bit more flexibility with day-to-day outings and taking advantage of local learning opportunities. We are also hoping to get around to more traveling throughout the year, and taking advantage of the learning opportunities that come along with that as well.50497987_602537716843199_8364924691336396800_n

As far as curriculum and planning, I decided to go with a Preschool pack I came across and downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers for ages 3 and 4. Although our son is only 2-years-old, much of the material covered in the pack for ages 2 and 3 are things he has pretty much mastered at this point. We wanted a bit of a challenge, and didn’t want to spend money on material he already knew. We will begin covering a unit each week a few months before his third birthday, so we are hoping the Preschool pack is a good fit. Another bonus for me was the fact that the curriculum came with a page described as the “Week at a Glance” page. This is immensely helpful  for a Mama hoping to keep things as organized as possible! It covers the learning standards for the week, all books and other suggested materials, and all activities for the week including sensory bins, math, literacy, etc. The bundle includes 34 different unit studies, and bonus materials for a year worth of curriculum.

Aside from the curriculum material purchased online, I have also started looking for learning opportunities around the community. I was so pleased to find there are a number of free, or lost cost formal activities taking place in our immediate area! Some of these include:

  • Read a loud story or craft time at the local library (which is within walking distance!)
  •  Wee Wild Ones, or Homeschool in the Park which is offered once or twice a month at a local county park
  • Mommy and Me Yoga (located at a cafe’ not to far from our home)
  • Homeschool learn to Skate Class at the Carolina Ice Palace
  • Toddler Days at the Charleston Museum

There were many other places a bit further out that offered scheduled homeschool days that we will probably end up checking out as well.

Some of these programs are for older children, but we will definitely keep them in mind for down the line. While we likely wont make it a point to do an activity like this each day, these will be great additions to our curriculum a few times each month!

I am hoping to slowly begin printing off each unit and start the process of organizing them into quarterly binders. If all goes well, we will be able to have everything on hand to use a second time around. I also plan on keeping a separate binder just for the purpose of observations, progress and assessments on material we have already covered.

Have you had any experience with homeschool preparations? What are your favorite and least favorite parts of homeschooling? Drop a comment and let me know!