Lets Be Honest. . .

This page is home to all my mom vent and glory posts and the lessons in the chaos,  because let’s be honest. . .

Mommin’ aint easy!

From time to time I seriously fear I may poke my own eyeballs out if see my son turn the container of humus over on top of his head one more time. Sometimes his little nails scratching down my chest as he nurses one breast, and twiddles the other makes my skin crawl with irritation.FullSizeRender

I’ve highly considered giving up on teeth brushing until he looses all his baby teeth and the “real” ones come in to stay. Some nights I’m convinced it almost doesn’t seem to be worth all the drama and physical restraint required to keep up with taking care of these teeth that will only be with us for a short while. I’m sure that would be a bad move though -so the battles forge on!

This page is for the days full of big feelings post tantrums, the days I want a margarita by 10:00am, and the frustrations that come with sleepless nights after having your name called






Of course I wouldn’t trade my son for the world, but let’s be honest, being a mother is by far the most demanding (and rewarding) work I’ve ever done!



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