New Turkey in Town

*Trigger Warning: Post contains pregnancy related content


Our Thanksgiving lunch this year was delicious, and almost went according to plan! Around here, the reoccurring theme here lately seems to be that there is always one person who failed to get the correct time for the gathering.

This time it was my Granny. . . but who could really be mad with their Grandmother?

We gave her a little bit of a hard time, but figured it wouldn’t be fair not to let her in on all the good grub after driving all the way to Charleston.

Before everyone headed in different directions to sleep off lunch or grab a plate to eat at the next stop, we shared some pretty exciting news with our family

We recently found out that we are expecting!

We could not be anymore excited about this beautiful new experience that is about to take place. While our family may have had a bit of an inkling about the possibilities of a new little Trepen being just on the horizon now that our son is 2-years-old, everyone still seemed to be pleasantly surprised by our announcement.

I found out I was expecting on Thursday November 8th, but didn’t tell my husband until the following Saturday because I hadn’t really done anything special to let him know the first time around with our son. I was so excited after finding out I was pregnant the first time that i just ran downstairs as he was watching the Simpsons and handed him the test as I told him I was pregnant. He was a bit unsure about the second line not being quiet as dark and without thinking blurted out, “that line is pretty light. . . does that mean you’re just half pregnant?!”

Half pregnant?. . . No Kevin, it’s the real deal!


This time around I wanted to do something a bit more thoughtful. Although we had been tracking my cycle and were anticipating this, there are no guarantees, so it was no less exciting to see that second pink line show up on the test. I create a scrapbook every year for our son Archer. With a little inspiration from a question my sister asked me about if I would keep scrapbooks for the baby as well, I had come up with the perfect way to share the news with Kevin. I needed to get a new scrapbook for Archer, and figured grabbing the baby’s first scrapbook would be a great way to make the announcement. I wrote a little note and stuck it in the photo slot on the cover of the book. Kevin has always talked about planning a birthday party with water slides and slip-and-slides, but our sons birthday falls at the end of October. This baby is due mid Summer, so I wanted to let him know he would probably get a chance to plan his water crazy summer time birthday party after all. He had to read the note twice before asking, “Does this mean your pregnant?!” He quickly followed this question with big hugs, kisses for Archer and me, and sweet proclamation of being so happy!46782705_772018369804229_7065193344762118144_n

It is still very early, and I know these sorts of announcements are typically put off until around 3 months along. My husband was very eager to share the news with our family, and let’s be honest- so was I!

I couldn’t resist.

I was a bit apprehensive about sharing our news so early, and really wasn’t sure that I would say anything at all on Thanksgiving. Would I let Archer come downstairs in a new shirt that said “Brother”? Drop a quick line after our Thanksgiving lunch about being super stuffed from having a food baby and a real baby? Tell everyone individually at another time? Ultimately I decided that all life is worth celebrating and pouring good energy into and I was just going to let everyone know that there will be a “new little turkey in town” this Summer. Should something not go according to plan I know that the love of these people who came together in celebration would be there to support us during a time of loss or difficulty as well.

We are so thankful to have had a smooth healthy pregnancy, and delivery with our first son. We are aware that each situation is different, and understand that unfortunately this smooth road isn’t always the case for every pregnancy. In this moment we are choosing to believe in all that is good for this pregnancy and childbirth.

So for now, we celebrate even the littlest of lives!

We celebrate the life-sustaining ability of the body.

We celebrate the thought of our family of four, and our son becoming a brother.

We celebrate the love that made this little baby, and all of the precious moments to come!



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